Solving sustainable energy challenges

Solving sustainable energy challenges


Solving sustainable energy challenges.
Solving sustainable energy challenges

RG-projecten ondersteunt partijen die werken aan complexe duurzaamheidsvraagstukken. We leveren adviseurs en projectmanagers met toewijding, kennis en ervaring.

Al 25 jaar werken we samen met onze klanten om de oplossing te vinden met de juiste balans. We werken voor investeerders, productie-, energie-, nutsbedrijven en overheden.


About us

RG-projecten gets down to work with dedication, impact, balance and purpose.

We have a team of highly qualified and passionate project professionals. We know that collaboration and forward-thinking are corner stones in a successful project. Our activities vary from consulting during project development to fully managing major projects from concept till handover. Our project professionals are experts in the field of engineering, processes, finance, organisation, rules and regulations. Besides experience and competence, RG-projecten stands for endless energy and enthusiasm.


Gaining maximum value from raw materials and energy sources.

The transition to a sustainable society is a complex challenge. For 25 years RG-projecten has supported its customers with issues like among others:


The markets in which we operate.

Since RG-projecten often operates as part of the organisation, it is able to deliver optimal results in collaboration with your experts. 

Society demands an acceleration in achieving sustainability targets. This concerns all parties in our work fields. RG-projecten can help in making these targets feasible.

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Sustainable energy

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Circular economy

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Electricity and heat supply

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High voltage systems

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Waste processing


Projects we are proud of.


Careers at RG-projecten.

There is enough action to be taken at RG-projecten. As RG-projecten is broadly oriented, there are always projects that fit your interests and personal development.

Thanks to the energetic team, there is a pleasant working environment, in which knowledge and experience is shared. We work according the believe; Not everyone together, but never alone. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the team.


Feel free to contact us.

RG-projecten is experienced in dealing with and solving complex sustainable energy issues. Wondering if we can help you? Feel free to contact us.