Optimalisation, heat supply, NOx emissions


PepsiCo and RG-projecten have worked together in finding the best solution to reduce the NOx emissions per produced unit of the PepsiCo production facility in Broek op Langedijk. PepsiCo’s advanced production facility produces 1 million bags of Lays’s crisps and salty snacks every day. 

The experience of RG-projecten in combustion systems and flue gas treatment makes that we have a lot of knowledge on optimising efficiency, NOx emissions and the reuse of waste heat. Hence, PepsiCo was able to focus on its primary production process while the efforts of RG-projecten ensured that the largely automated secondary process of the installations meets the increasing sustainability demands.  

RG-projecten made a Quick Scan of the plant and set out the three best solutions on how to reduce the NOx emissions per kg of crisps/salty snacks production. The "best solution" was the one with highest efficiency over the lowest costs. The right insights into the installation were obtained by a thorough inspection, an analysis of the process and interviewing those directly involved. 

In a follow-up assignment, the most optimal solution - the replacement of gas burners by ultra-low NOX burners - was tendered and a CAPEX proposal was written for the implementation phase.